NYC Tour 2014: Day 3 Schedule

Good morning, Orlando Deanery Choir fans! We’re all up and ready to tackle Day 3 of our singing tour of New York City. Tonight is our debut at Carnegie Hall!

Our day begins this morning with a short walk to Saint Thomas Church Fifth Avenue where we will rehearse for tomorrow morning’s Festal Eucharist as guest choir. Afterwards, it’s off to lunch at Saigon 48, a popular Vietnamese restaurant in Midtown Manhattan.

Today marks our official introduction as a choir to the New York subway system. After lunch, we take the subway to James Memorial Chapel at Union Theological Seminary for a full rehearsal of tonight’s performance at Carnegie Hall. The seminary is an independent seminary in Manhattan founded in 1836 under the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A.and is affiliated with nearby Columbia University.

After rehearsal, we’re back on the subway system to Carnegie Hall where we will have dinner and then dress for the concert.

It’s an exciting day… and we can’t wait for the bright lights of the Carnegie stage!

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