Prayer for Peace Comes Home

One of the highlights of our New York City tour was performing inside St. Paul’s Chapel, the historic church that sits opposite the World Trade Center site. After the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001, which led to the collapse of the twin towers of the World Trade Center, St. Paul’s Chapel served as a place of rest and refuge for recovery workers at the WTC site.

The church survived without even a broken window, spared by a sycamore tree on the northwest corner of the property that was hit by debris.

The song “Prayer for Peace,” written specifically for the Orlando Deanery Boychoir and Orlando Deanery Girls Choir by Orlando composer Robert Kerr, is a prayer composed as an artistic response to the tragedies of that day. The song has been part of the choir’s repertoire since 2002. But today’s performance was extra special. After 12 years of performing the song for audiences around the world, we were finally able to bring the song to Ground Zero and offer this beautiful prayer of reconciliation. God bless America, let freedom ring!

Lord, grant us wisdom in our hour of need.
And give us vision, that we clearly see,
Your loving nature; Your mercies might.
Bring us from darkness into Your light.

Lord, touch our nation with Your healing hand.
And give us comfort o’er all the land.
Reveal Yourself to us and make us whole,
Reside with in each heart and soul.

For there are battles we must fight,
And stand together with courage for what is right.
Against the evil which infects us still,
Lord, give us conviction to know your will.

Please help the strong to defend the weak,
but not in anger or revenge to seek,
So through Your justice let conflict cease.
Oh, unify us, and bring us peace.

For there are battles we must fight,
and stand with courage for what is right.
Against all evil, sin and wrong,
give us conviction to carry on! Alleluia.

Lord, bless our soldiers across the sea,
and help them to set more people free.
And in their hearts may they have pride to sing,
“God bless America, let freedom ring.” Amen.

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